What products does BITZER US Offer?

We offer a range of products to meet any and all of your refrigeration and cooling needs.


  • Reciprocating (.5 – 50 HP)
  • Screw (30 – 320 HP)
  • Scroll (10 – 40 tons)

ASME pressure vessels

  • Condensers (5 – 250 tons)
  • Evaporators (30 – 300 tons)
  • Receivers
  • Oil Seperators

Ammonia Compressor Packages (ACP)

Visit the main BITZER website for complete information on our diverse range of products.

Where can I purchase BITZER products?

Our products are available exclusively to a dedicated group of contractors that demonstrate a level of commitment and trust to the BITZER Group. Contact your regional sales manager to learn more.

View BITZER US’s regional map and appropriate contact info.

How do I become a BITZER DEALER?

The BITZER Dealer Program is a growing and exclusive group of nationwide HVAC/R contractors who display a level of commitment, teamwork, and trust while working with the BITZER Group.

Become a BITZER Dealer today.

What makes BITZER US different from our competitors?

BITZER is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors.

BITZER US’s Retrofit Upgrade Program enables you to solves many problems related to outdated or inefficient HVACR systems. By upgrading to a BITZER compressor you increase your system’s efficiency, reduce your power bills, lower your sound levels, and minimize future system break-downs.

BITZER US has an impressive national distribution network and also manufactures compressors and products domestically, substantially reducing lead team along with associated shipping and handling costs.*

*BITZER Screw Compressors are exclusively made in Germany. While we keep products on hand, slightly longer lead times are to be expected. 

Can I Retrofit other Brands With BITZER?

YES! BITZER matches the cooling capacity of the original equipment’s compressors and replaces them with modern high-efficiency compressors.

Conversion guides are available to BITZER Dealers.

Click here for more information on retrofitting.

Does BITZER US offer technical support?

BITZER US has Application Engineers available to assist with troubleshooting, sizing, and selecting the best compressor or shell and tube heat exchanger for your application.

Our Application Engineers are available to field your calls and emails Monday through Friday,  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

Contact them at [email protected] or by phone at (770) 503-9226.

What If I need an emergency replacement?

BITZER US maintains safety stock at distribution centers across the United States in order to provide emergency replacement compressors 24/7/365. We aim to have compressor replacements on-location within 24 hours.

Learn more about our BITZER Quickship here.

What is the warranty period and what is covered?

Please view our Terms and Conditions.


In need of assistance or interested in becoming a BITZER Dealer?
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