BITZER U.S. manufactures a broad line of standard and customized ASME Certified Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers at our manufacturing campus outside Atlanta. This includes Shell & Tube Condensers and Evaporators, Receivers, Oil Separators and various tanks for both new installations and retrofit applications.

BITZER’s commitment to efficiency and reliability extends to our heat exchangers, as we are the only domestic manufacturer to offer U-tube evaporator design technology to the U.S. market. This design reduces leak potential by 50% and enables the tube bundle to be fully removable and serviceable. Our Shell-and-Tube Condensers and Evaporators feature external and internal profiled copper or cupronickel tubes, removable end covers for mechanical cleaning, and coated tube-sheets for corrosion protection.

For more information on the specification and application of BITZER Pressure Vessels, please contact our application engineering department at [email protected].

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