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Siemens™ Contactors

As a convenience to our Dealers and Contractors, we are now offering high quality IEC rated Siemens™ contactors with our compressors. We can size the contactor for you, but you need to specify the coil voltage when you place your order.


Variable Unloading BITZER Recips

This document provides tips for using variable unloading with standard BITZER reciprocating compressors. This document does not applying to our integrated VFD Recips.


HSKC to CS Screw Conversions

This document explores the steps needed to retrofit BITZER HSKC Screw compressors to our new CSH/CSW series Compact Screws.


HS / OS Screw Application Kits

This document explains the differences between application kits and control modules for HSN / HSK and OSN / OSK Screw Compressors.


Oil Draining CS Screws

This technical bulletin addresses the oil draining guidelines for CS Screw Compressors.


Applying R22 in Low Temp Conditions

This document serves as a guideline when using R22 refrigerant under low temperature conditions with BITZER semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors.


SE-E2 Motor Protection Module

This document details the SE-E2 motor protection module, which replaced the INT69VSY-II motor protection module.


OLC-S1 Oil Level Sensor

This document details the OLC-S1 oil level control module used with the CSH and CSW series Compact Screws.


CS Screw Bolt Torque Specs

This document provides the bolt toque specifications for BITZER CSH / CSW Screw Compressors.


Liquid Injection for CS Screws

This document covers direct liquid injection for CS Screw Compressors, allowing for additional cooling capacity.


BITZER Head Fan Bracket Kits

This document provides a brief overview of the part numbers and extent of delivery for BITZER head fan bracket kits for Reciprocating Compressors.



Information on converting from Trane Screw Compressors.


Information on converting from Refcomp Screw Compressors.



Information on converting from McQuay Screw Compressors.



Information on converting from Hitachi Screw Compressors.



Information on converting from Hanbell Screw Compressors.


Fu Sheng

Fu Sheng Screw Compressors are one of several Screw Compressor retrofits that BITZER application engineers have helped our customers change out with BITZER CS Screw Compressors.



Get information for replacing Turbocor Screws with CSW Series Screws.

York (Screw to Screw)

Get information for replacing York Screws with BITZER CS Screw Compressor Models.

Copeland (Screws)

Replacing a black Copeland Screw with a green BITZER screw is essentially a “drop-in” application.

Quickship Program

Quickship is simply the easiest way to get emergency replacement compressors and parts quickly and hassle free AFTER HOURS exclusively from BITZER.


CSH / CSW Capacity Controller

This document provides an overview of the CS Screw Capacity Controller. This module controls the loading and unloading of CSH and CSW Screw Compressors.


Replacing INT 69 / 70 and PTC Oil Sensor

This document assists users with replacing the obsolete INT 69 / 70 control module and PTC oil sensor with the SE-B3 control module and OLC-K1 sensor for BITZER Reciprocating Compressors.

OLC-K1 Oil Level Sensor

This document details the OLC-K1 oil level control module used with Reciprocating Compressors.


SE-B3 Control Module

This document details the SE-B3 dual voltage control module used with Reciprocating and Scroll Compressors.


Carrier (Recip to Screw)

Replacing old, loud, inefficient Recips with new BITZER Compact Screws is now commonplace in the market.

Ammonia Compressor Pack (ACP)

Learn why our ACP units are more efficient than a single machine with VFD maximum efficiency for your machine room.

VP-200-2 // SF-100-1_EN

Recip to Scroll

Replace a failed semi-hermetic reciprocating compressor (06DF3282BA) in a Liebert data-center unit (model DH290AUAG00) with an equivalent capacity Scroll Compressor (BITZER ESH736-4SU).

Copeland Scroll Conversion Guide

BITZER offers free Copeland Conversion Kits, which include all of the parts needed for retrofitting your current Copeland Recip with a BITZER Recip.


Copeland Recip Conversion Guide

BITZER offers free Copeland Conversion Kits, which include all of the parts needed for retrofitting your current Copeland Recip with a BITZER Recip.

Carlyle Conversion Guide

Whether in rooftop A/C units, supermarket racks or Liebert computer rooms, BITZER has an appropriate upgrade for the Carlyle model.



BITZER offers the highest quality ASME certified refrigerant receivers and tanks in both vertical and horizontal configurations.


Recip Service Guide

This service guide provides answers to some of the most common questions and issues in the field.